Tips and Tricks

Make your life using zircon's website and drive easier

Hello peepos! as I am slowly growing the zircon website and drive functionality and have included a lot of new upgrades to how we can approach to using the zircon website. 

Direct Links

What are direct links (a name I coined myself for this)? It is an easy to remember link that will directly bring you to your desired area of the zircon sphinx drive or website. 

there are a few categories of Direct Links I have made:

Direct Link to the Drive

There are a few main important drives we have right now:

For the main drive you can type [] on your browser and it will directly go to the drive folder (if you are logged in to your account already). 

So how about for your specific group drives under year 4? add the letter to your group after "drive."

i.e. for group b it's [] or for group d it's []

or if you want to be quick, you can just type [] for group B or [] for group E Drive

Website quick links

The zircon website has a lot of pages and important sections. With that I have introduced another quick way for you to access the drive without having to click multiple buttons. 

Group page quick links

Introducing a cleaner link for everyone! this type of link allows you to gain access to the group page anywhere you are. whether you are using your own or other's devices. 

there are two ways you can access your group page and i'll make group b as the example. 

first way is by simply adding the letter b infront of zirconsphinx. like this -> [].  another way is typing group[letter of your group] like -> []. 

Other notable pages