Zircon Media Announcement and Website Update 2.1

This is a non-critical but hopefully helpful announcement

Hello peepos, another announcement for y'all! for this announcement there will be 2 main components I will be covering, Zircon Media Team announcement and some new updates on the zircon website.

Zircon website update 2.1

Let's start with the zircon website update first.

EOP 1 Countdown is here! 🕙️

So, if you go to the homepage of the zircon webpage, you can see that I have added a useful countdown for y'all. The countdown to our very first EOP on the 15th of April 2024. I'm frankly shock that I can do this in the first place HAHAHA. 

Also, on the main page I have cleaned up everything, including the videos (more on this later). but mainly I have now added quick navigation buttons to the pages you may want to go to. 

Annnd a small little update, I have updated the look of the zircon favicon and zircon logo up top (slight change, but just in case you don't know this useless information)

Map Navigation Page

I don't know who would use this, but I suppose it is a good to have page for one click navigation for going to the hospitals. you can find it under Home > Map Navigation. 

to use it you can simply click at the destination you want to go at the name of the app you commonly use. At the moment it's only Google Maps and Waze. Unless you're that hooligan that uses Apple Maps (like dumb me).

Check out if it is useful to you and for those who goes to clinic do inform me the locations for me to add on to the page. 

Updated Group Page photos for... most groups

Finally this task is 90% done with only Group C left since I believe you guys did not have the opportunity to take a full group photo yet. Stay strong peeps, I'll be waiting. 

New Zircon Media Page!

As you must have noticed before, you can no longer see the zircon memory videos on the home page. That's because I have moved it into the new Zircon media page! a new page where the zircon media team will be using to post any moment-to-moment updates and also our grand finale End Year Memories!

I have also removed the Instagram Direct link from the navigation as well as it is moved into this page as well. on the navigation panel above (three horizontal lines at the zircon logo above the page) zircon media will be in it's own dedicated section. 

Do leave a feedback! it helps a ton!

Thanks to feedback I received from one of you guys, I added the countdown. I have been receiving quite some feedback from you guys (thank you many times) and I have heard some of your struggles. With that I do really hope some of you can drop by and do leave feedback on the feedback page (as I check it when I receive a submission through email notification) As it helps a lot in shaping the future of this website and the future of zircon!

Zircon Media Team Announcement (Yusuf)

Hey guys! We're looking for more people to help in our End of Year 4 video compilation of our activities / classes throughout the year!

If you're interested and want the videos that you recorded to be part of the project, just contact Danial or Yusuf.

Q: What to record?

A: videos of your daily clinical lives (you guys doing bst, classes,something foolish together or anything in mind)

Q: How many vids?

A: Not much. A minimum of 4 videos per week with each video only being 8 to 10 seconds.

Don't miss the opportunity to make more memories guys!!