New changes to the face of Zircon

Hello peepos, it has been quite some time since I made an announcement! And this is not a critical announcement that requires everyone's attention, but it is an announcement to inform y'all some changes that is going on in the zircon website. 

Big change indeed

As you can see.. MASSIVE difference right? well that's because I have officially stopped using one of my favourite apps of all time, Craft which was the one app I used for practically everything. From writing notes for classes, to throwing random info from the internet, to downloading and storing some files for use, prepping for bst, printing case write ups and to making announcements for y'all. 

And of course, to be the backend of this website. 

But after a year plus of using the app, I have decided to pull the plug and cut expenses for other causes. With malaysian ringgit being unstable and falling, I have a lot ot reconsider with how I use my money on international subscriptions. 

So yeah, as you can see, I am using 100% google site's editor rather than slapping an embed on to it. And so far, it's not so bad after all. I'll miss using that app but I can say the switch will be more easier for me to handle the website and also have the other reps help me handle it in the future. you can explore the page for now but it is not 100% ready. there are a lot of things not working at the moment but I have made sure the vital pages are up and ready. 

What's new and better?

Now you can directly view the schedule from the posting group page, rather than having to click and view. 

And page load speeds will be 100% faster as it is a native webpage. 

Also sorry to some posting groups...

Sorry to group C, D and E as for some groups I have not received the photos for their posting group and some I am in the process of editing to fit the page, will change by this weekend so don't worry ya 👍🏼

So yeah I think that's all from me for this quick little random announcement. thankie peepos


ooo right, also stay tuned for an announcement from Yusuf about new updates and important info coming to the Zircon Media team!