5th Nov 2023 - Big Drive Baby

Major Critical Update

Hello peepos! It has been kind of a week or more? Since my last major update to the batch. I know I am suddenly being absolutely crazy in the changes recently but it is for a good cause for myself and especially for you guys. 

Down below is going to be the table of content so you can skip through if you need to. 

Google Drive Update

Zircon Drive is Moving! This has been a struggle I had attempted many times before but now I am officially establishing it. A brand new Zircon Drive Shared Drive. 


Early in year 1 I had thought of making a business account that I could manage for my own personal use and for the batch. But that thought did not turn into a reality due to the complexity of managing a business account and the upfront cost it required. I wasn’t really sure in wanting to pursue the idea as I wasn’t financially ready and not skilled enough to understand and manage such type of account. 

But fast forward to this year, I am “ready.” Sort of. After years being a batch rep and being a person passionate about tech I kind of slowly and gradually learnt how to properly manage the account and know some of the perks to price ratio. 

And frankly I am happy to say that this feature of a business account is a beast for our type of usage. 

What’s new?

A new shared drive will pop up

As you can see the zircon drive is called its own “Zircon drive” it’s not a folder but a standalone drive where we can put files and folders in. 

And since this is a standalone drive, the Storage is unlimited. What do I mean by unlimited?

Unlimited Storage?

This term is rather confusing for the majority for anyone using digital products. Let me explain about how things work on a normal drive first. 

In a normal circumstance, what you guys are usually accustomed to is sharing folders or specific files to people(either by sharing specific email addresses for privacy and security reasons or just making it public to anyone who has the link). This norm has a pretty straightforward but sometimes complex way of how it “consumes our storage”

The file that is created or uploaded to said folder will take up space of the “owner of the file.” This means that if there is 4 of you accessing said file (like a google document), that file will only fill up the drive space of the person who created the file (or the owner. We can actually change the owner of the file despite us creating it).

But I suppose this most of us understand right? For Share drive is a different story. When anyone uploads a file into said drive, you will be the “creator of the file” but you will not be the “Owner of the file.” Instead, it will be under the ownership of danialmirza.com, the “business account.” it is owned by me but not really owned by me. The reason I say this is because the file does not count against even my own business account storage. So that means it is owned by me because it is my business but it is not owned under my business account and takes up my storage space. Faham ke idok? 

So the next question is, what is the catch? Well there is no catch. The only thing to be aware of is that there is not a limit in file size storage but there is a limit in the number of files we can upload. And that number is a whopping 400 000.  Impossible to be filled by us so we good. 

Need for contact info to be filled

That’s where this comes in. I require you guys to please fill in the form so that I cna regulate tightly who has access and who does not have access to the drive. It is a bit more detail oriented compared to a normal drive so I need to make sure I am giving the correct access to the correct people. 

I include all current and previous zirconians. No other juniors or seniors. 

One special thing about this form is that I made sure that you can just edit it if there is any change. But if you do change. Please inform me as I need to be aware of the new changes. 

Issues with accessing Shared Drive on mobile devices

Currently this shared drive is not all sunshine and rainbows. You may not be able to see the shared drive in your mobile device on the spot like a normal folder but it kind of is just not there. You can access files inside of it through the search bar but… you’ll see what I mean. 

The solution is you can access it by clicking the drive link in the zircon website drive page or in your posting group page. Making the zircon website more useful than ever to our current situation.

Academic Year Calendar Update

Remade the calendar to be more clear

So now we go to the not so big updates. I have updated the year calendar by remaking it. So it is more clear for us to see it. 

Making a subscribable calendar (coming soon)

You guys remember the old zircon sphinx year calendar? Will make a new one similar to that in the future. 

Online resource reference page (coming soon)

I hate how shitty complicated Eklas is. So I am making a quick link page for Eklas, E resource library page and also any studying website you guys use. This is in the building process and will inform you guys next week or so. 

Updated Maps for KK and Psy Clinic

So this is an update to the maps page, I have included KK locations for those going to KK if you so need it. 

If there is any other location you guys want me to include to inform me.

Updated Group C Photo

Finally all posting groups have their very own group photo. This will be the mainstay photo for in the future despite the grave lost we received last week. To me, everyone who has ever set foot in my batch is a zirconian. And this brings me to my final announcement that is big. 

Revival of Zircon Activities (Coming Soon)

As we have had an amazing zircon activity last year done by our amazing zircon activity team, I am officiating the revival of zircon activities for Year 2024! I belum announce or inform even the whole zircon activity team so, surprise to you all too. 

I am giving you guys a heads up of the revival as I plan to make sure the team builds more robust plans for the future. So that it wont take too much brain space and time and energy and burden the team in the future and hold great activities for the batch!

Alright peepos that is all from me for noww! see you all in the next announcement!